Women’s Boots: For Every Season

Women’s boots, much like the wearers themselves, are adorable, fashionable, and striking. Described as the ideal “transitional accessory,” women’s boots are diverse, allowing them to thrive in every season. From funky prints to fun colors, women’s boots pique various interests. Here’s an overview of some of the best women’s boots on the market today. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article46233899

Why women’s boots are the new trend?

A cross between cowboy boots and thigh-high boots, knee-high boots offer elegance and style. As of late, women’s boots with knee-high include block heels and loose-fitting legs. This mod-inspired fashion dates back to 1970. Pairing nicely with skirts and tights, knee-high boots jazz up any wardrobe.
Top-rated knee-high boots:

  • G By Guess Harvest
  • Mango Leather Womens Boots Site Knee-Highs
  • Schutz Maryana Pointy Toe

High-heel boots
As flirty as they are classy, high-heel boots are among the most popular women’s boot. Perfect for weddings or business meetings, high-heel boots can be dressed up and down. Skinnier heels give the leg a more slender look while chunkier heels make for easier walking. No matter the style, high-heel boots never disappoint. 
Top-rated high-heel boots:

  • Vince Camuto Perforated Boots
  • Tabi Boots
  • High-Heel Western Boots
  • Trask Madison Waterproof Boots

Ankle boots are the women’s boots you need

Perhaps the most versatile of women’s boots is the ankle boot. From dresses and pants to jeans and mini skirts, ankle boots complement any outfit. What’s more, ankle boots offer trendy patterns and fun designs. They bear a striking resemblance to high-heel boots, but they lack the platform.
Top-rated high-heel boots:

  • Wedge Booties
  • Peep Toe Booties
  • LTD Yale Chelsea Boots

Lace-up boots
One of the more recent additions to the footwear industry is the lace-up boot. Both edgy and stylish, lace-up boots exude a rock-and-roll vibe. People often rock lace-up boots with vintage articles or androgynous pieces. When it comes to lace-up boots, they don’t fit any mold. 
Top-rated lace-up boots:

  • Liberty Waterproof Wedge Boots
  • Brazil Lace-Up Ankle Boots
  • Fur-Lined Winter Boots

Chossing your over-the-knee women’s boots

Sexy, chic, and sassy are the hallmarks of over-the-knee boots. Over-the-knee boots provide extra coverage and make the leg appear longer. Their elongated essence has proven a lasting trend.
Top-rated over-the-knee boots:

Shopping for Caterpillar Shoes

If you’re in need of footwear for all kinds of work purposes, then you should look into Caterpillar shoes as soon as possible. What are Caterpillar shoes? These shoes, in brief, are ideal for people who care about practicality and ease at the same time. Caterpillar shoes are suitable for individuals of both genders. Caterpillar shoes are optimal for people who don’t want to have to deal with incessant foot pains and aches all day long as well.http://www.nss.gov.au/nss/home.NSF/surveylookup/Manufacturing+Production+Survey+March+2002+Header+Document?OpenDocument

Who uses Caterpillar shoes?

Women who want to keep their feet in tiptop condition frequently go for Caterpillar shoes. They can pick between all kinds of options, too. Basic shoes are accessible to female shoppers. Waterproof, pull-on and safety shoes are as well. Female shoppers can even go for resilient boots that can protect their delicate feet thoroughly. 

Men who want to get Caterpillar shoes have just as much luck on their sides. They can choose between options that are similar. Men who want to safeguard their feet from environmental factors of all varieties can go for shoes that are waterproof. Men who want to keep their feet away from all kinds of potential hazards can go for safety shoes as well. Men who want optimal defense in many cases opt for boots.

The high-quality of Caterpillar shoes

Caterpillar shoes are associated with rock-solid value. People who want to invest in shoes that can stand the test of time frequently select the Caterpillar name. These shoes are often moderate in price. They’re frequently accessible for sale, too. People who want to treat their feet without having to spend an arm and a leg are often loyal Caterpillar customers. 

The website for the brand makes looking around for shoes simple for everyone. People can browse shoes based on all kinds of categories. They can search for shoes based on their individual sizes. They can search for shoes based on their specific toe preferences. They can search for them by taking color into consideration as well. It doesn’t matter if a shopper has a penchant for white footwear, dark blue footwear or anything else. The Caterpillar site makes keeping track of everything feel like a tasty piece of cake for all.

Buying the best Caterpillar shoes for your budget

Budget is always a massive factor for people who are searching for choices in shoes for work applications. People who are trying to take budget-friendly approaches to shopping for shoes never have to feel upset. That’s because the website for the brand enables them to narrow options down based on their pricing requirements. Shoppers can pinpoint shoes that are on the affordable side. They can pinpoint shoes that cost a bit more if they wish as well.

This is a footwear brand that is constantly updating its options. People are perpetually guessing about Caterpillar. People who are eager to find shoes that are fashionable and resilient frequently go for Caterpillar offerings. People who are keen on finding shoes that are tough and contemporary frequently go for them, too. Caterpillar is a name that’s linked to footwear strength that’s essentially peerless in caliber.https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/106935882

Merrell Shoes: yesterday and today

For over twenty years, Merrell Shoes has provided an outstanding variety of quality outdoor footwear. They were even one of the first companies to create the barefoot shoe, designed to create a natural, zero-drop experience.https://whatson.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Shopping/Fashion/Shoes/Pages/1363.aspx

Who invented Merrell Shoes?

In 1981, Randy Merrell collaborated with two American Olympians: John Schweizer and Clark Matis. Combined with athletic expertise and skillful technique, the three men invented a high-performance hiking boot.

Merrell Shoes still strives for style, comfort, quality and durability when creating footwear. Whether you’re a powerful athlete or a laid back golfer, there’s a shoe designed for every level of activity, men and women alike.

The most sold Merrell shoes

Moab 2 Ventilator
Merrell Shoes created a ventilated hiking shoe with durable leathers and an air cushion heel to absorb shock and add stability. 

Trail Glove 4
This is a barefoot shoe with a sock-like feel. Breathable mesh lining with underfoot protection. 

Chameleon 7 Stretch
Protective toe cap and breathable mesh makes this hiking shoe a must-have.

Jungle Moc
Looking for casual wear? This suede shoe provides style and comfort in a slip-on style.F

Encore Q2 Breeze
Designed for the way women move, Merrell Shoes created this slip-on mesh for every day comfort.

Terran Ari Wrap
Merrell Shoes didn’t forget about summer! This lightweight sandal features a contoured foot bed and cushioned heel for stability. 

Siren Hex Q2 E-Mesh
Athletes look no further. Merrell Shoes has engineered this style just for women. This shoe will absorb shock while providing comfort and stability. 

Vapor Glove 3
This women’s barefoot shoe was made for comfort, with a sock-like feel for a locked-down fit. 

Buying your first Merrell shoes pair

The footwear mentioned in this article are only a few of the vast diversity of styles Merrell Shoes has to offer at www.modefootwear.com.au website. Merrell Shoes even has a line for children. You will be sure to find the perfect fit and design geared toward your personal measure of activity.

Other brands may try to mimic what Merrell Shoes has fabricated. Don’t be fooled by other imitators. The Merrell shoe brand is one of a kind and customized to every individual. Although the company strives to provide footwear available for any type of budget, the comfort and quality you will receive out of the box is priceless.http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/Lookup/6401.0Appendix1Sep+2005

The power of Skechers shoes

In 1992, Skechers founder Robert Greenberg filled an important niche in the footwear market that had been missing at the time: street shoes for both men and women. The Skechers company was launched to coveted status when the “Chrome Dome” was introduced in 1993.https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/1036629

How Skechers shoes became popular?

This intentionally-worn-looking shoe style had significant scuffing and also had a distinct utilitarian look that resonated with the underground grunge and skate crowd. Today, Skechers for men has made itself a global leader in the footwear sector. From Shape-ups to GOwalk and memory-foam styles, Skechers has quickly become an affordable, uber-comfortable and casual lifestyle brand of shoes for men, women and children. 

Today, the company boasts an extensive and impressive lineup of trendy boots, flats and other shoes that all feature the luxurious and cushioned insole technology. In addition to fashion-forward styles, Skechers continues to manufacture slip-on shoes with GOga technology for impact protection while walking and running as well as other comfortable lifestyle shoes for every member of the family. In addition to comfortable slip-on shoes, boots and lace-up athletic shoes, Skechers for men also has an impressive performance line of footwear that caters to golf professionals and marathon runners.

Skechers shoes conquer the streets

In addition to having an independent website and brick-and-mortar retail stores, Skechers sells its footwear to many mass merchandisers, department stores, shoe stores, sporting goods stores, shop-from-home television networks and retail stores. They have also branched out to include a line of athletic wear and leisure apparel that is perfect for walking, running and casual errands. 

No matter what your lifestyle, aesthetic and preferences entail, the brand has a vast selection of colours, sizes and styles to choose from in the collection. In the warmer months of spring and summer, the line contains a vast array of sandals and slip-on shoes with modern details: ruching, perforation, pleats, space-dye fabric and vivid colours. Find more Skechers at
https://modefootwear.com.au website.

The cooler months encourage you to pull out your favourite pair of boots from the collection. Tassels, fringe, dip-dye fabric and other modern details make these a perfect choice for pairing with duster cardigans, skinny jeans and a favorite t-shirt in fall and winter. The brand also has a comfortable line of dress shoes that are perfect for business-casual work environments. 

Picking the perfect pair of Skechers

Skechers has made itself a household name by becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of comfortable, dependable and well-made casual footwear. In commercials and print advertising, this brand is always showcasing new and innovative products that reflect the shoe industry’s most advanced footwear technology. They always stay ahead of the curve and have mastered the art of combining fashion with function and comfort.https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/41070493

Lauren White

Lifestyle Blogger Lauren White – aka Raymi the Minx – talks about her experience sharing her entire life online… and which version of herself is the real one.

Lauren White

Lauren White has been running her personal blog “Raymi The Minx” for over 12 years. A self-described “blogebrity,” she has made herself locally famous in Toronto by manically documenting her life, whether that’s anecdotes from a hip party or photos of her eggs benedict.

Her candid, bold style of writing has earned her a devoted following of readers, along with a vociferous opposition who find her style of vanity off-putting, if not loathsome. Regardless, seemingly her entire life is available for perusal to anyone who’s curious, leaving her in a position where her online identity, the persona crafted through her blog, completely overlaps with her real life.

Her fame has seen her written about in Eye Weekly, the Torontoist and the Globe and Mail.

Shane Hankins

Shane Hankins is the COO of Reboot, an American non-profit organization that deals with Jewish identity.

Click here to watch Shane’s “Unplugged” interview.

Hankings has rich experience in nonprofit management and fundraising. He most recently served as Executive Director of Grassroots.org, a nonprofit providing web development and business consulting services to over 2,300 other nonprofits around the globe. While there, Shane completely restructured internal operation while increasing membership by 338% and budget by 700%.

Previously, he served as Executive Director of Road of Life: Cancer Prevention for Kids, a nationwide organization that provides health education programming for children. He was also was a member of the founding management team for the Economic and Community Development Institute, an organization dedicated to building wealth and employment opportunities for refugees, immigrants, and low-income individuals.

This organization grew out of Jewish Family Services in Columbus, Ohio. In his career he has managed dozens of staff and programs, and has raised over $20 million. Shane graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the Ohio State University, with a degree in History and Political Science.

Bio information from LinkedIn profile

Rockport Shoes Help You Look Classy and Feel Comfortable

If you are like many people, you might have found that shopping for shoes is not easy. After all, when you find a pair that you like the look of, you might find that they are not comfortable at all. When you choose shoes based off of comfort, you might feel as if your personal style is compromised. Even though it’s true that it can be tough to find the right pair of shoes, if you check out the options from Rockport shoes, you will probably be thrilled to find that there are plenty of attractive options that will help you stay comfortable at the same time. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/62322910

Why Rockport shoes is perfect for walking?

For example, if you are looking for shoes for the office, Rockport shoes Australia are the perfect choice. For men and women, there are attractive, dressy options as well as options that are suitable for a more casual office. If you have a long walk to get to work or if you are on your feet all day, making sure that your shoes are as comfortable as they are attractive is very important. You should be able to find a style that is perfect to wear to work if you choose from the selection that is available from Rockport shoes, however.

The best shoes for every occasion

If you are looking for the perfect shoes to wear out for a night on the town, you will probably find that Rockport shoes Australia are the perfect choice as well. For one thing, you should be able to find a style that will look perfect with your going-out outfit. Then, you will not have to worry about being uncomfortable when you hit the dance floor or if you have to walk a long way from the parking garage to the venue, restaurant or bar that you are visiting. Additionally, Rockport shoes are a good choice for weddings and other similar events. After all, you’ll probably want to look great in the wedding photos, but you probably do not want for your feet to be miserable the entire time that you are there either.

Picking your Rockport shoes between the styles

As you can see, Rockport shoes are a clear winner for both men and women for many different scenarios. Once you see the difference between Rockport shoes and many other brands that aren’t as stylish or as comfortable, you will probably wonder why you waited so long to give them a try and buy them at Mode Footwear. Plus, you are sure to appreciate their durable construction and the fact that they are built so that you can wear and enjoy them for a long time to come. https://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/allprimarymainfeatures/D64C1A05549018D7CA256E280074B0C7?opendocument

Hey Neighbor! – Barbara Pantuso on the modern community

I don’t know my next-door neighbor. I’ve heard his voice when he yells at my friends for talking on the balcony, and I’ve heard him slam the door on his

Hey Neighbor! founder Barbara Pantuso

Hey Neighbor! founder Barbara Pantuso

way to work in the morning.

do know my neighbor across the hall – he banged on my door long enough at 4:30 a.m. one morning to alert me to a flood creeping down from the floor above.

I went out into the hall and saw around ten people I didn’t know – every one of them a neighbor for a year or more. We worked together and pushed most of the water into a stairwell and down into the basement.

Afterwards, I couldn’t help but think, “Why did it take me so long to even meet the people living within 50 feet of me?” Apartment living nowadays can be a strangely lonely experience, yet you’re surrounded by people.

The same thought occurred to entrepreneur Barbara Pantuso. “People live on top of each other and yet most people do not even know their next-door neighbors,” she told Ramona in her interview with rdigitaLIFE.

“It struck me as odd that my door can be four inches away from somebody else’s door and I don’t even know who lives behind that door.”

She went on to create Hey Neighbor!, a social network that connects people in their local community. It operates a “favour exchange” that allows users to ask a neighbor for help, gradually building trust.

“People are afraid to ask for help and it feels like a sign of weakness, but when people start to do it…I’ve had people comment to me saying they can think of twelve new ways to use the site now that they have.”

As we increasingly turn to geographically disparate networks and communities, local connections and in-person exchanges have gradually been ignored. But when you’re deep asleep at 4:30 in the morning and water is creeping in your front door, your Facebook friends aren’t going to wake you up.

Tools like Hey Neighbor! and Scott Heiferman‘s Meetup aim to bring us back to each other and reinforce the value of true, physical togetherness.

“Social contact is huge, there have been so many studies done about how our health benefits from it,” says Pantuso. “Our safety, security and just our general social mental and physical well being is much improved, the more connected we are.

Find Barbara on Twitter @barbarapantuso.

rDigital News: PDFs, online data, and online surveillance

Photo credit: Huji via Wikicommons

The news is essentially a compilation of information and this week’s headlines put the information that we access on the internet into question. From information that may be hidden away in World Bank pdf reports to the wealth of personal data that is being made available to officials via social media, this week’s news made us wonder:

Is how we access information influencing what we read and how we think? Is there such a thing as too much information? 

For all the information you need to know about this week’s biggest stories, here is rDigital News roundup:

Is the pdf hurting democracy?

According to a working report released this week by the World Bank, hundreds of reports by the organization remain out of sight and therefore, out of mind for the general public. The study looked at 1,611 reports and of those, only 25 were downloaded more than 1,000 times between 2008 and 2012. The Guardian looks at this study and makes suggestions about what it says about the information that people are, or potentially should be, reading.

Are there things that we should try not to know?

As we upload increasing amounts of data to the internet, companies and tech startups are keeping pace by finding new and inventive ways to work with that information. For instance, apps such as Jetpac can scan social media data and decipher it into points of interest for users. However, some of this information,such as analyzing uploaded photos to identify gay bars in Moscow, could be damaging if put in the wrong hands.

A recent article in the New York Times looks at this trend, what it is doing for users and what risks we run by making this amount of data available to governments and companies.

For more on the data bargain, check out this episode from our privacy series with on Walrus TV:

How much does the government know about you?

While headlines regarding governments ‘creeping’ the public’s online activity have focussed heavily on our American neighbours, this week, the Toronto Star reported that Ottawa may be doing the same. According to the interim privacy commissioner Chantal Bernier, when it comes to the collection of social media data, there are not enough guidelines for what can governments can search, why information can be search and what can be done with what is found online.

For more on privacy issues faced in our digital age, check out this episode from our series on Walrus TV:

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rdigitaLIFE. This is the future. It’s here, it has arrived.

We can connect to the opposite side of the world in a matter of seconds, we have smart machines that rival the intelligence of people, and we’re so glued to our devices they’ve practically become appendages. So, what does all of this mean? What impact does this constant connectivity have on our relationships with each other, and with the world around us?

How do we foster conversations about technology that have less to do with gadgets and apps, and more to do with human beings?

Behind the scenes of rdigitaLIFE at the Digital Media Zone in downtown Toronto

Behind the scenes: rdigitaLIFE on location at the Digital Media Zone in downtown Toronto

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We think of it as “reverse engineering a future that we want to be a part of.”