about rdigitaLIFE

rdigitaLIFE. This is the future. It’s here, it has arrived.

We can connect to the opposite side of the world in a matter of seconds, we have smart machines that rival the intelligence of people, and we’re so glued to our devices they’ve practically become appendages. So, what does all of this mean? What impact does this constant connectivity have on our relationships with each other, and with the world around us?

How do we foster conversations about technology that have less to do with gadgets and apps, and more to do with human beings?

Behind the scenes of rdigitaLIFE at the Digital Media Zone in downtown Toronto

Behind the scenes: rdigitaLIFE on location at the Digital Media Zone in downtown Toronto

That’s the question that drives rdigitaLIFE. We’ve talked to engineers and innovations, artists and storytellers, academics and enthusiasts, with the goal of exposing viewers to multiple perspectives on topics ranging from innovation to artificial intelligence, and from privacy to social currency. We want to spark debate about the nature of our connections – to our devices and to each other, and to inspire people to ask questions about what role technology plays in our lives, from the incredible opportunities and possibilities, to the unseen and unintended consequences.

We think of it as “reverse engineering a future that we want to be a part of.”